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Required to read before proceeding with booking: Updated 12/17/20

Do NOT come in sick, you will be asked to leave and will lose your session.

Until further notice, if you have a prepaid session in your account longer than 1 hour please text 716-218-0676 to get on the schedule!

  • If you are booking an appointment for someone other than yourself please create a account in their name. Every individual must have their own separate account. You CANNOT book for someone else under your account
  • If you are late you lose time. Your session will end at the scheduled time. Please arrive at least 5 minutes early but no more than 10. 
  • No same day appointments/ No Walk-ins
  • If you cannot make it your appointment you cannot just send someone in your place the day of.
  • Once your appointment is booked to cancel or reschedule please log directly into your account to do so. Please keep the cancellation/no show policy in mind that you have to acknowledge when booking your appointment.  If booking for someone else please let them know the policy as well. 
  • If you are a first time client please fill out the intake form that is sent to your email after booking your first appointment as soon as possible. Intake forms must be updated annually or when medical history changes. 
  • Angela Jessie LMT provides PROFESSIONAL services for THERAPEUTIC purposes ONLY. Any form of sexual misconduct towards myself or attempted on your own self is strictly prohibited. Session will be stopped and you will be reported and banned from booking any future appointments. This is also included on the intake/waiver form that you sign off on stating that you have read and understand and will follow rules and points listed on the waiver.  SECURITY IS ON-SITE

Payments accepted:

All major credit cards, cash (Not recommended at this time), HSA (Health Saving account), Wellness debit cards(EX. BCBS/Independent Health) and FSA Cards(Must be able to provide a Letter of Medical necessity from your doctor to FSA provider). NO PERSONAL CHECKS. Insurance or no-fault NOT accepted

No Refunds.

If you cancel your appointment it will go back into your account to use at a later date if prepaid.

Updated: 11/11/20 FAQ: If our session is canceled due to mandated shutdown, do we get a refund?

As mentioned above, there are no refunds.

(If a Covid-19 Mandated shutdown occurs (or therapist must cancel due to being sick or personal emergency), your session(s) will be placed into your account until businesses are able to reopen)

Please read your confirmation emails to know how to enter building, parking and when to arrive.

~Face Mask is required at ALL TIMES.

~Client must PROPERLY wash hands upon arrival.

~Short Covid-19 questionnaire required before each session.

~Temperature will be taking upon arrival.

~No waiting in the waiting area allowed

~Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to your session. If you do please remain in your car.

~If you are sick (cough, sneezing, fever, shortness of breath, etc.) you must call/text prior to your appointment to cancel/reschedule. You will not be penalized for doing so. If you no show you will lose your session. (Stating its just your allergies is not acceptable)

~If you traveled recently your appointment must be outside of the mandated quarantine dates from your travel.

~If you have Covid-19 test results pending you must cancel until negative results are in

~If you have been around someone with Covid-19 in the last 2 weeks you must cancel and may return with a negative test result. 

-If you are bringing a child. Only 1 parent is allowed in the room. No other guest in the room or waiting area are permitted. 

I have read the above statements and would like to proceed

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Make massage a part of your self-care routine...

Once a month is recommended for general maintenance massage...

Treatment plans are created for every individual needing more than maintenance massage.