About your Therapist

Angela Jessie 

Licensed Massage Therapist/ Business Owner

Angela is a graduate of the New York Institute of Massage. She is a hard working single mother of one teenage son and also has a daughter in heaven. She has had a passion for massage therapy for years. However being a working single mom with a young son attending massage school was put on hold. During that duration Angela put herself through online school with the University of Phoenix earning her associates degree in Information Technology and a associates degree in Business.

Prior to attending school to become a licensed massage therapist, Angela worked in the human services field for a number of years and even for a short period after she finished school before going full-time as a licensed massage therapist. However after months of working in the field she didn't feel fulfilled in her massage career as a whole. Her passion for working in the human services field was still very much alive and she wanted her business to tie her two passions together. 

When someone contacted her about receiving services for their son who is autistic she didn't think twice and jumped at the chance. She started to see the void in services provided to those with different abilities and it was a void she wanted to fill. She also knew that the mobile aspect of it makes it a lot easier for the families and caregivers and that is when she added mobile massage services for people with different abilities to her business.

Angela believes that massage therapy helps in many ways not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well. She believes in the body's ability to heal itself and that massage therapy assist in that process. She enjoys educating her clients on the benefits of massage therapy and self-care and lives by the statement "It's not a luxury, its a necessity". 

Her motto is "Massage is life, make it a part of yours"